Who Killed ABM?

A Marketing Murder Mystery

ABM swept marketing in the mid-2010s but little actually changed.

It was everywhere. Now it’s nowhere. Did it go underground? Did it die? Who’s to blame? Over a nine-part series, Inverta and friends investigate and uncover a fact that will change everything you thought you knew based on real case studies.

Launches on June 18

Chapter 1

Trouble in Paradise

It’s one big glittering ABM party—until we discover the body. Could this be an accident? Or was it foul play?

Chapter 2

Murder on the ICP Express

We begin our investigation by questioning our first suspect, Vega List. Will her target account lists provide any answers?

Launches on July 9

Chapter 3

The Hound of the Buyer’s Journey

Our next suspect, Brian Journey, has been acting fishy. Is his evidence a real clue or a red herring?

Launches on July 23

Chapter 4

A Study in Strategy

Strata Ji claims to have been ABM’s biggest supporter. Could their friendship have been harboring secret resentments?

Launches on August 6

Chapter 5

Death of a Sales Funnel

Everyone wants to blame sales. But was Sal Parson just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Launches on August 20

Chapter 6

The Missing Link

We uncover a racket that goes deeper than we ever anticipated, leaving us with new questions. Trent Zishin knows more.

Launches on September 3

Chapter 7

His Dark Technologies

With a veritable dragon’s hoard of martech tools collecting dust, Ted Nology seems a likely suspect. But what motive?

Launches on September 17

Chapter 8

Marketing Most Foul

After investigating everyone else, we’re forced to turn the magnifying glass inwards. Does Mark Ketting have the answers we need?

Launches on October 1

Chapter 9

In Cold Blood

So, who really killed ABM? All will be revealed in the series’ thrilling conclusion.