Addressing your ICP with the Demand Continuum

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June 14, 2024

Navigating today’s B2B marketing landscape can feel like a game of 3D chess. The demand continuum framework, a tool we've crafted at Inverta, is here to turn your marketing maneuvers into winning strategies. Let’s dive into how this powerhouse tool can transform your GTM game.

B2B companies often stumble when trying to sync traditional demand generation with Account-Based Marketing (ABM). Or maybe your ABM efforts aren’t hitting the mark. We get it. The struggle is real, but fixable. The demand continuum framework shines here—spotting gaps, refining strategies, and ensuring cohesive execution across various marketing plays.

Let's put the Demand Continuum into Practice

Consider one of our superstar clients, a leading cloud security company. Despite having their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and all the marketing tech, their approach was scattered. Their ICP was a bit too broad, covering 8,000 accounts, with 800 set for one-to-many campaigns. This broad targeting diluted their outreach, and their messaging was too generic. To make things spicier, sales and marketing were out of sync.

First up, we refined their Target Account list. We zeroed in on specific criteria like monthly cloud spend and intent data, narrowing their focus to prime accounts. This laser-focused segmentation allowed for messaging that was on point, making their campaigns more engaging and impactful.

Next, we synced up their one-to-many and one-to-few programs. Tailored messaging addressed the unique challenges of each audience segment, ensuring higher engagement and conversion rates. We also orchestrated a seamless outreach plan between marketing and sales, ensuring both teams worked in harmony to engage those priority accounts.

Improving their reporting and analytics was crucial. We rolled out end-to-end performance tracking, honing in on pipeline metrics and revenue growth. This data-driven approach provided valuable insights, enabling continuous optimization and savvy decision-making.

For their partner-led programs, we channeled efforts towards priority accounts with the highest potential. This strategic focus amplified their partner engagements, boosting their marketing ROI through partners.

On the tech front, we created a symphony of their tools. Using Demandbase, paired with other intent data sources, we offered deeper insights to fuel their programs. We introduced PathFactory for content hubs and campaign-specific tracks, alongside Outreach and Drift for targeted sequences and conversational marketing. This holistic approach ensured every tool was maximized to its full potential.

Our roadmap was their guiding star, leading them through each step of this transformation. From timing and resource allocation to execution and optimization, we made sure the demand continuum framework blended seamlessly into their overall strategy.

Interestingly, ABM one-to-one wasn’t feasible for this client due to resource constraints and current goals. This highlights a key benefit of the demand continuum—it helps companies make informed decisions about what to prioritize now and what to table for later. By focusing on what they could nail, the client achieved meaningful impacts this fiscal year, setting the stage for future wins.

Its just as important for identifying what WON'T be a part of your strategy as what will.

The demand continuum framework empowers B2B marketing pros to conquer common challenges and drive stellar outcomes. Whether you’re transitioning to ABM, scaling existing programs, or aligning internal teams, this framework offers the clarity and structure needed to optimize strategies and hit your business goals out of the park.

Let Inverta Guide Your GTM

Inverta’s expertise in strategic planning and execution makes us the perfect partner to guide you. Our proven track record, deep industry knowledge, and commitment to your success ensure that we can help you amplify the impact of your marketing efforts. Reach out to us and discover how we can support your journey through the demand continuum and propel your business forward.

Ready to transform your marketing strategy? Contact us today and let’s turn those challenges into triumphs. With Inverta by your side, you’re not just playing the game—you’re winning it.

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