Inject the speed of AI into your marketing plans

There’s a right way to do AI and a wrong way. And on paper, they look alike. You can rely on us to share what pilots we’re seeing work—and the results a few of our clients are seeing at scale—to guide you to implement it in places it’s likely to succeed.

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We know the pressure you’re under to act

So many solutions, so much newsiness and buzz. Let’s cut through it with the Inverta AI playbook full of questions to help you consider the short-term and long-term implications, from team structure to talent, tools, and policies.

  • View our AI use case playbook
  • Consider all implications—from brand safety to practicality
  • Evaluate your AI-readiness
  • Identify quick wins and pilots
  • Build a long-term roadmap

We can help you cut through the hype

Build an AI marketing council and strategy: Let’s define the roles and responsibilities you need to get buy-in for your roadmap.
Develop AI governance and policies: Your team is using AI whether sanctioned or not. Let’s talk about how you can encourage acceptable use and manage the risks.
Create impactful use cases: Let’s build a blueprint of possible use cases across “the five P’s” of AI for marketing, across the eight potential areas.
AI training and rollout plan: Get yours kicked off to great success, instead of  questioning and second-guessing.

AI curious?