Refine your campaigns and generate more demand

We’ll use our comprehensive campaign planning framework to help you build a predictable, effective, and benchmarked demand generation engine. We’ll get your team aligned and help them create, execute, and measure.

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Our workshops can
help you:

  • Evaluate your campaign planning readiness
  • Harmonize campaign terms so everyone’s in agreement
  • Introduce a seven-stage campaign process
  • Define your inputs, actions, and outputs
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities to streamline campaigns
  • Manage and accelerate the change
  • Implement a workflow and meeting cadence
  • Implement and leverage new templates

Real-life campaign planning (IRL)

We believe in the power of learning through actual hands-on experience. We can guide your team through the newly established process step by step as a virtual ride-along. It’s the best way to ensure your team is equipped to plan and execute campaigns effectively and build their confidence.

Establish a leadership commitment plan
Designate campaign owners
Develop a project timeline (e.g. 90 days)
Hold advisory sessions to prepare the campaign leader for success
Equip the team with everything they need to navigate planning

Full-service campaign management from concept to completion

If you’d prefer, we can also take charge of the entire campaign planning and execution journey as a service—from concepting to presenting the results. We’ll become your dedicated campaign command center. What we like about this full-service approach is we get to apply our knowledge from hundreds of successful campaigns to yours, and ensure every element is optimized. It also frees your team to focus elsewhere.

Want to generate more demand within weeks?