It's Time to Do More With Your Intent Data

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August 30, 2023

The pressure to prove your marketing efforts are driving value is on. With 41% of marketers feeling the squeeze to demonstrate value, having an ace in your marketing strategy’s back pocket is less a stroke of luck than a requirement to play the game. Leveraging intent data can be your ace.

Not only do marketers who wield intent data say they’re more confident in proving the value of data-driven marketing programs (61% vs. 37%), they’re also more confident in delivering value with lead quality, refining their target audience, and content/campaign effectiveness.

Despite the benefits, only 38% of marketers report using intent data. Clearly, intent data is a treasure trove of information just waiting to be plundered. As more sophisticated AI and machine learning (ML) technology becomes commonplace, intent data is only becoming more accurate and timely.

Let’s examine what it is, why it matters, how to apply it, and how a data-savvy partner can help you increase your confidence and your results by applying intent data.

What Intent Data Shows & Why it Matters

Intent data gives insights into customer behavior, preferences, and purchase intentions. It’s like a story drawn out from the amalgamation of a user’s online activity in order to predict what they’ll do next. And that’s not all.

Quality intent data gives insights into a prospect’s research history, including specific competitors or products, and informs messaging strategies and marketing tactics to stay ahead of the competition. It also serves to define roles across marketing and sales functions, keeping both teams in sync when it comes to delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Awesome, right? But with so many other types of data out there, why does applying intent data matter so much?

While it’s true that marketers who use data at all report a 3x increase in revenues and 78% increase in budgets, marketers using intent data see even better results.

Intent data is highly impactful if you want to drive more pipeline with more high quality leads:

  • 97% of marketers said intent data drives more pipeline than non-intent data leads.
  • 94% of marketers said intent data leads are high quality.
  • 35% of marketers who experienced significant revenue growth in the last year said intent data had the biggest impact on driving leads.

Using intent data is an untapped opportunity that more and more marketers are planning to invest in — 63% to be exact. To stay ahead of the competition and compete in today’s economic climate, using intent data is table stakes.

Apply Intent Data to These 4 Areas to Unlock Growth

This begs the question, “how and where can I use intent data effectively?”

We’re so glad you asked. Intent data provides an opportunity for sales and marketing teams to go beyond account identification and prioritization. The difference is using intent data to identify and align your buyer’s needs with customized and contextual messaging when they’re ready for it.

Here are four different use cases to consider for your intent data:

  1. Demand Generation Campaigns: Intent data can be used to create personalized and targeted campaigns along the buyer journey.
  2. Lead Generation: Intent data can improve lead generation and customer acquisition efforts by accurately identifying potential customers who are actively searching and tailoring messaging to resonate with their specific needs.
  3. Retention and Upselling: Intent data can be used to monitor signals indicating a customer’s likelihood to churn or add more products or services. This enhances customer retention and upselling, making it easier for marketers to strengthen customer loyalty and increase revenue passively.
  4. Content: Intent data is a gold mine for fueling content marketing strategies. Creating compelling content that speaks to your customer’s pain points increases visibility, improves trust, and attracts the right type of buyer in the first place.

How Inverta Can Help You Apply Intent Data ASAP

When it comes to choosing a data partner, marketers care twice as much about finding a partner who can deliver across a breadth of topics rather than delivering results in one area alone. Inverta is a well-rounded martech agency with the capabilities to help you find intent data as well as put it to use.

Learn More About Inverta

  • If you’re ready to invest in a player, coach, and trusted advisor who can move the needle for your demand generation campaigns, contact us.
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