Generate leads your sales team loves (actually)

The waterfall lead model worked great when it came out—but unless yours is still converting, closing, and thrilling sales, maybe it’s time for a refresh. Our consultants bring decades of experience to updating your lead management so you don’t over-rely on the MQL, but do harness the power of newer tech to ensure every lead is captured, nurtured, scored, and routed.

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Our lead-management process can help you:

  • Identify areas of optimization
  • Synchronize your systems, scoring models, and handoffs
  • Streamline and reduce unnecessary blocks and stages
  • Establish clear definitions, roles, and responsibilities
  • Implement actionable SLAs that everyone abides by

Optimize your lead lifecycle for real buyers

Inverta’s lead management services will improve the whole lead lifecycle (which is really more of a continuum than a funnel, but we digress). Our clients love how we help them generate quality data, score leads that everyone agrees on, and nurture with unusually high engagement rates.

Advanced lead scoring and nurturing: We’ll implement sophisticated yet not overly complicated scoring models and nurture paths that incorporate newer data, like intent.
Go beyond alignment and collaborate: Sales and marketing work best when working off the same numbers. We make that happen.
Manage the MQL to MQA transition: We can help you shift from marketing qualified leads (MQL) to marketing qualified accounts (MQA).

Ready to route those leads?